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Corporate Fixed Deposits are term deposits which are offered by companies when they are in a hurry to raise cash for which they offer attractive fixed interest rates. When investors invest in corporate fixed deposits they are issued deposit certificates of different tenures (1-5) at fixed interest rates.

What are the features of Corporate Fixed Deposit?

  • They are offered by a Corporate Company.
  • The rate of Interest is pretty high (as compared to Bank FD).
  • The tenure ranges between 6 months to 3 Years.
  • The risk involved is comparatively high (as compared to Bank FD).
  • The medium of investment is certificate of Deposit.

What are the benefits of Corporate Fixed Deposits?

  • Higher Returns compared to FD.
  • Offers a lot of Flexibility. You can choose from a variety of tenures like monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly.
  • Enjoy more liquidity than Bank FDs with lower lock-in period.
  • Estimate the risk of the corporate FD via reputed credit rating agency and invest accordingly.

What are the factors that should be considered for choosing corporate FD?

Credit Rating: Opt for high Credit Rating Companies only.
Company Background: Check out the company's financial statements before investing.
Repayment History: Assessing a company's repayment history will help you estimate the company's credibility and stability.

The Asha FinPro advantage!

Asha FinPro has years of experience in Corporate Fixed Deposits. Our experts will guide you to the best Corporate FDs which have a very high credit rating and offer high interest rates with AAA or equivalent ratings. We caution our customers against low credit rating companies and those with a poor track record.

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